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Alien Superstars

“Alien Superstars” is the imaginary movie that is a part of the fictional Disco Diva series. The idea hails from Beyonce’s album Renaissance, track 3. Upon hearing this song, I was reminded of the late 1960’s movie Barbarella, an Earthling heroine who's sent on a space mission adventure. I wanted to stay true to the decade and make the adventurer a well-known character type: the fabulous, afro picking, no-nonsense-taking, crime fighting, detective. This element was influenced by the American classic TV show, Charlie’s Angels. All of these factors came together to create the not real, girl empowerment, blockbuster movie.

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My ears were blessed by this masterpiece given to us by Billy Joel for the first time while watching the girlhood classic, "13 Going on 30." Like the film and the movie, I tried to encapsulate the pressure felt from the expectations that come with growing up.

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An Ode to Spring

For Daisy by Marc Jacobs

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Hannah Montana: The Movie

“Life’s a climb… but the view is great” comes from the cinematic masterpiece, Hannah Montana: The Movie (2006). Delivered by Travis, he describes how working now may seem hard, but where you end up makes it all woth it.