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A pleasure to meet you!

Welcome to Rachel’s Room official blog! Stay tuned for all things trendy, flirty, girly, and fun. Can’t wait to talk to you! In the meantime, enjoy this adorable pic of me. :)

xoxo, Rachel



Best pic idea ever!

This rear view mirror pic is so cute! All you need is some sunnies, a car (it doesn't even have to be your own), a sister you force to take them, and voila!

xoxo, Rachel

#justgirlythingsblog #carselfie


Can’t stop obsessing…

New trend alert: all lace everything! I recently thrifted this cutie lace dress and I can’t stop wearing it. Find yourself something lace, and we can twin! Can’t wait to see what you find!

xoxo, Rachel

#justgirlythingsblog #laceforspringgroundbreaking


Don’t get me started on this plant sanctuary!

I was reminiscing about my happenin’ Hawaiian vacay, when I found this photo from a plant sanctuary we visited, in Maui, on the road to Hana, high up in the clouds. Fun fact: this place was where they filmed some parts of Jurassic Park! How cool!

xoxo, Rachel

#justgirlythingsblog #hawaiianrollercoasterride


Even when the night changes

One concert everyone should go to once before they die: Harry freakin’ Styles! I went twice so I guess I’m good for two lifetimes, but that’s not stopping me. One of those nights was HARRYWEEN! I went as Betty Boop. You’re soo jealous.

xoxo, Rachel

#justgirlythingsblog #ifiwasabluebird


Far out!

I know I already talked about it, but this wahine just can’t shake her Hawaiian vacay. I have to go back!

xoxo, Rachel

#justgirlythingsblog #alohahawaii


Growl Power!!

If the Cheetah Girls taught me anything its:

1. If he can't respect my art, he can't have my heart and

2. Animal print is basically a neutral.

Go get you some!

xoxo, Rachel

#justgirlythingsblog #cheetahlicious


Have you heard the news?

I’m learning to crochet! Hot girls have hobbies (then forget about them and pick up another just to forget that one too!) Oops…

xoxo, Rachel

#justgirlythingsblog #grannyvibes


I love me a good candle!

I have been really into the bougie look of a taper candle. It gives sophisticated, expensive taste y’know?

xoxo, Rachel

#justgirlythingsblog #bougie


Just got these!

I was in desperate need of the perfect black boot, and I found them! They are the Steve Madden, Drea Boots. Calf length. Pointed toe. Stiletto heel. What more could a girl want?

xoxo, Rachel

#justgirlythingsblog #shoeaddiction


Kicks are cool too.

I know I was just talking about my fav pair of heels, but who doesn’t love a good pair of sneakers? My current sneaker obsession: the quite affordable Converse Cons As-1 Pro. Wearing them really makes me feel like track 3 on Avril Lavigne’s Let Go album.

xoxo, Rachel

#justgirlythingsblog #sk8terboi


Love a good cowgirl boot!

Just copped the Hoedown Throwdown 4s in the red colorway. Totally ready for my Miley Stewart summer in Crowley Corners.

xoxo, Rachel

#justgirlythingsblog #lifesaclimbbuttheviewisgreat


My fav top ATM

Vintage Betsey Johnson will always be the best.

xoxo, Rachel

#justgirlythingsblog #floralsforspringgroundbreaking #iknowialreadyusedthishashtag


Never not buying music

In this digital age I have been trying to increase my physical music collection. You can find a bunch of CDs at the thrift for really cheap! What’s the best album you’ve found?

xoxo, Rachel

#justgirlythingsblog #cdcollection


One day at the museum…

One thing on my bucket list for summer: going back to the LA museum. Ever since Ben stiller showed us the truth on what happens after hours, I’ve been obsessed. But seriously, go have some good, wholesome fun and learn a thing or two at the museum!

xoxo, Rachel

#justgirlythingsblog #nightatthemuseum


Please look at these tights!

You can never beat a good tights and heels combo. It’s a classic for a reason.

xoxo, Rachel

#justgirlythingsblog #fakegucci


Quite literally my fav album!

Nothing beats Olivia Rodrigo on vinyl! Prepping for her concert in November. Who else is going to be there?

xoxo, Rachel

#justgirlythingsblog #balladofabloggergirl


Run for your lives!

One of the scariest nights of my life: Universal Studios, Horror Nights…

xoxo, Rachel

#justgirlythingsblog #spookyseason


Sandals for summer…

I’ve been elevating my sandal game for summer. Of course, a flip flop will suffice, but what about a kitten heel instead?

xoxo, Rachel

#justgirlythingsblog #shoeforthought


Trinkets on clothes!

Loving this new trend of adding anything and everything to your clothes. Life hack: earrings can double as pins!

xoxo, Rachel

#justgirlythingsblog #maximalismoverminimalism


Underrated pair of jeans

Actually, not at all underrated but I always forget I have True Religion jeans in my closet. How would you style them?

xoxo, Rachel

#justgirlythingsblog #truereligionjeans


Very fun day at Disney

Nothing beats Radiator Springs Racer ride after a long day at Disney! (Even though they want to charge for the fast pass for it, what’s that about?)

xoxo, Rachel

#justgirlythingsblog #flosv8cafe #lifeisahighway


We love gaudy jewelry

Best source for good jewelry: your Grandma.

xoxo, Rachel

#justgirlythingsblog #notayomamajoke


eXactly what I’ve been looking for!

Who doesn’t love a good, checkered pattern?

xoxo, Rachel

#justgirlythingsblog #crisscrossapplesauce


You have to try even gaudier jewelry

I don’t really like alcohol, but I found these fun, martini glass earring. What do you think?

xoxo, Rachel

#justgirlythingsblog #moreofamocktailkindagirl


Zig zagging down the coast

It was hard thinking of something for Z, but here is my last pic from Hawaii. I swear!

xoxo, Rachel

#justgirlythingsblog #ohanameansfamily

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